..... Cool Skateboards for Cool Girls Brittany Krause .
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Nick name: Britt
Hometown: Redding, California
Age: 16 
Favorite skaters: Danny Way, Bob Burnquist, Tony Alva, Bucky Lasek, Cara Beth Burnside
Favorite skate spots: Skate Street, Vans @ the block & Chino
Favorite tricks: Backside air, disaster, krook grinds
Favorite Movies: Lords of Dogtown, Pirates of the Carribean 
Hobbies: Skateboarding, riding and training my horse, surfing
Pets: my horse Jasmine, 1 dog, lots of fish, 5 birds, 5 rabbits, and 1 turtle
Competitions: All Girl Skate Jam 2005 7th place, All Girl Skate Jam 2006 3rd place
Sponsors: Cool Girl Decks, Sweenie, Viking Helmets, Air Speed Shoes
Transition Extreme Skatepark
Transition Extreme Skatepark
Transition Extreme Skatepark
Transition Extreme Skatepark
Cool Girl Decks Team Rider' Brittney Krause
photos by Chad Thomas

w/ Jasmine

w/ Duane Peters

w/ Cara Beth Burnside
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