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August 22, 2008

The Chili Bowl contest was held at Potrero del Sol this year in SF. Although Josh Mattson won, the contest heated up all day with ripping from Robbie Russo, Raven Tershay, Otavaio Neto, Jeff Given, and Tyler Mumma, and our own Cool Girls' team rider, Lexi Barclay took first place in the girls' division!

Congrats, Lexi!

Lexi Barclay Lexi Barclay
Lexi Barclay
Lexi and one of the other girls in the comp
Lexi getting the "Killing It" award! Low Card Skate Mag awarded the hatchet.
LEXI getting first place!

Tommy Gurrero and Lexi after getting first place

The US Open/Soul Bowl of Skateboarding

July 27-29, 2007 - This years Soul Bowl contest in Huntington Beach, CA. was a huge success once again! The weather was great. It was sunny and warm, there was loud music blasting, and people everywhere in their swim suits having fun on the sand. There were different action sports booths set up all over the beach, Moto X demo's going on through out the day, the US Open of Surfing, and the Soul Bowl of Skateboarding.

On Friday, the Soul Bowl Skateboard contest started off with the ladies. There were 2 heats of girls and the skating just gets better and better every year. All of the girls were charging super hard and getting in as many runs as possible. The crowd was stoked and the energy was high. There were 12 girls, 6 in each heat. Girls were doing inverts, 50-50's, rock n rolls, fast plants, boneless', nose grinds, airs, and more.

After all the dust cleared, the results were in. The top 5 girls were as follows. In first place was Mimi Knoop with really long and strong runs, big congrats to Mimi!!! In 2nd place was Lyn-Z Adams, 3rd was Julie

Saturday's event was the Masters competing in the Soul Bowl, and Sunday has the Pro contest with BMX competition as well. Hoped you checked out this event if you were in the area. It is always great weather, with lots of cool people everywhere having fun on the beach in sunny Southern California. It doesn't get much better than that!
Karen Jones rock to fakie
Mimi Knoop invert
Lyn-Z Adams big air
Mimi grinding coping
Jodi MacDonald
Annie Sullivan
Garrett from sk8session.com
One of our favorite skaters, Karen Jones from Brazil
Moto X
Kronik Energy Desert Dog Bowl Bash

The 1st annual Kronik Energy Desert Dog Bowl Bash was held in Peoria, Arizona, at the Rio Vista Skate Park, October 28th thru the 29th. This event celebrates the skateboarding boom that has thrived in the wake of concrete parks and replicates backyard pool skateboarding … commonly referred to as “bowl” skating, in public.

This event was a huge success, featuring the best female skaters on the World Cup circuit. We asked one of the organizers if the event will be coming back to Rio Vista Skate Park next year, and she said the Desert Dog Bowl Bash would most likely travel to different parts of Arizona every year. The Rio Vista Skate Park is a clover shaped bowl with a deep end, and stairs in one of the two shallow bowls.

Qualifying was on Saturday. The 18 female skaters competed for the five open spots in the Sunday finales. The day started off with an open practice, and then three 20 minutes heats. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen so many of the world’s top female skaters all in one place, and these girls didn’t disappoint the fans. Cara-Beth was skating great doing feeble to fakies, inverts, airs, and 50-50’s all over the deep end. Mimi Knoop was charging with big ollies, grinds, and a nose grind from the deep to the shallow. April Woodcock is a natural on a skateboard. She was doing backside disasters in the deep and shallow bowls, rock n roll slides, and more. Nicole Zuck was grinding with smooth style all over the place, and Cressy Rice was going front side and backside over the stairs. By the end of the day the World Cup judges announced the qualifiers. Moving on to Sunday finals were Cara-Beth Burnside, Mimi Knoop, April Woodcock, Nicole Zuck, and Cressy Rice.

Sunday started off nice enough with a cloud cover, but soon became heated in the hour warm up. Being the last event of the year all the skaters wanted to kill it. The girls started off with a judged run and then a 15 minute jam. Every girl was skating great and it must have been hard for the judges to make a decision. Cressy Rice placed 6th, Holly Lyons placed 5th, Cara-Beth Burnside placed 4th, Nicole Zuck placed 3rd, Mimi Knoop placed 2nd, and 14 year old April Woodcock won the event!

The Kronik Energy Desert Dog Bowl Bash is the 7th and final event in the 2006 World Cup Skating North American Concrete Bowl Series, which features the best skaters in the world.
This year marks the 8th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboard contest at the Tim Brauch Memorial skateboard park in Scott's Valley, Ca. This park is dedicated to an amazing skater and a very special human being. His life ended long before it should have, but due to the love and respect that so many others have for him, his spirit lives on through this annual event. 

After last summer's contest another skater named Eric Costello was skating the park and rolled into the big bowl. His helmet wasn't strapped on and he fell, hit his head, and lost his life. It is always horrible to hear of, or know of another skater who has lost his life, so it's really important to wear a helmet and be aware. May you both rest in peace!

On Saturday, they had the amateur street contest. Each year the kids are getting better and better. It is so much fun to watch and see how the kids just give it there all and rip.  Cool Girl Decks team rider Alize Montes was the only girl to compete against the boys and she ripped. She dropped in on the biggest transitions in the park and was consistent throughout both her runs.

Sunday's event was the bowl contest for the Ladies, Grandmasters, Locals, and the Pros. There were 13 girls in the ladies event which is much better than last year, and the level of skating has really improved. There were two heats of girls and then a final heat with the the top 6 skaters.  

Cool Girl Decks team riders were there representing; Alize Montes, and Lexi Barclay. Alize and Lexi were doing doubles runs and kept it going for a really long time, airing over the hips, and carving. Lexi placed 7th just missing the cut, and Alize placed 11th which is amazing when you realize she is 6 years old and going up against some of the best female skateboarders in the world.

Next up was the Masters division that once again proved to be one of the most exciting rounds of the weekend; they gave it their all with multiple three, four, and five person runs.

Just prior to the pro contest was a chance for the locals to get into the action, with the top four being able to compete with the pros. Saturdays grom winner Curren Caples took the first qualifying position followed by Tommy Werner, Alex Foy, and Chris Moon. The Pro’s where broken into 4 heats all of which there ”loaded”, unfortunately Josh Borden went down hard on a tail slide breaking his femur. But it was the finals that saw the most action. Locals like Josh Mattson, Raven Tershay, Issac Yanez, and Zach Richeson gave it their all against some of the worlds best bowl skaters like Benji Galloway, and Tim Johnson. The battle raged until dark, and then everyone sat patiently as the judges worked out the final results.
The official website:  www.timbrauch.com
X Games 12, Los Angeles, California - Staples Center

the Staples Center
Vert Finals' Competitors
This was the 12th year of summer X Games and the fourth year at the LA Staples Center and the Home Depot Center. This year the events were Skateboarding, BMX, Moto X, Surfing, and Rally Car racing.  The only girls event that X Games had this year was skateboarding. Only 16 girls in the world were invited to skateboard at X Games. Eight girls on street and eight girls skated the vert ramp contest. This was also the largest prize purse to date! The ladies purse was hugely bumped up from what it has ever been in the past thanks to the Alliance. The Alliance is a non-profit organization set by professional female skaters to promote women in skateboarding, to make a positive difference for the future of the sport, and to inspire younger girls.

This year's X Games vert ramp was different than any other vert ramp made before. Picture this...on the left hand side of the ramp was a huge euro gap with a rainbow rail on it. That led into a wide 14 ft. flat walled vert ramp that then led to a huge flat wall drop in. On the opposite of the flat wall drop in, there was a 15 ft. extension that had a shorter cheese wedge quarter pipe sticking out. Past that was the rest of the flat walled vert ramp. If this sounds confusing to you, think about how it was when we all got there to see it.

There were 8 of the top female vert skaters in the world invited to compete. Six of the girls were from the United States, one girl was from Brazil, and one from Germany. All the girls were skating amazingly as said by many, and the results were as followed.  

1st place and a gold metal went to Southern California local Cara-Beth Burnside.  She had powerful lines, big airs, and lots technical tricks. Mimi Knoop placed 2nd with equally powerful runs, olling up and down the euro gap, lip tricks, and inverts. 3rd place and a bronze metal went to Karen Jones of Brazil. Karen also had so many different tricks all over the ramp it was great. 4th place went to Jen O'Brien. She dropped in on the massive flat wall doing big front side airs, front side grinds, ollies and 50-50's. 6th place went to Tina Neff from Germany. 7th went to Jodi Mc Donald, and 8th place went to Annie Sullivan. X Games just keeps getting better and better every year!

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