..... Cool Skateboards for Cool Girls Brittany Krause .
The new Cool Girls' skateboard designs are in!
Skateboards for Girls!
Our new skateboards are in!
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American Girl
Cool Girls' team member, Alize Montes is featured in the current issue of American Girl!
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Facebook - December 11, 2016: For the latest news, friend us on Facebook!
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Christmas Time: We just restocked and shipping out orders now in time for Christmas. Place your order now, we sell out evey year.
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Serena Brooke: It’s official! Cool Girls’ Skate Team has just added pro surfer and all around cool girl, Serena Brooke to our skate team!!!
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Action Girl of the Year: Michelle LeMoignan of Edmonton, Canada is our first ever recipient of our, "Action Girl of the Year" award!
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MTV - Made: Cool Girl Decks was asked to outfit the teen girl, Alex Mills that was being 'Made' for their 'Skateboarder' episode with a skateboard, and gear.
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Somer Fleek: We would like to welcome the very cool wakeboarder out of Dallas Texas, Somer Fleek to our Cool Girls' skate team!
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Stacking the Deck w/ MSNBC
In the skateboarding world, the guys had all the choices and the girls were pretty much left out in the cold. That is, unti
l Cool Girl Decks came along and heated things up by filling the gap.
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Fashion: Cool Girl Michelle reviews, Karmaloop and Design Ateria.
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Interviews: The new interviews with two of our favorite action sports stars, pro surfer Serena Brooke and pro wakeboarder Somer Fleek are up.
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Interviews: Tracy interviews cool girl, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth from the hit MTV show, The Hills.
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We just posted a new video by Lisa of The Side Project of team rider, Alize Montes.
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